Delivering seamless technology convergence anytime anywhere

Providing holistic technological experiences that goes above and beyond to meet your goals.


We’re like a department store for technologies that we can work with. You name it, we literally have it!


We bring our tremendous expertise to build perfectly working while cost-effective solutions using proven technologies

Agile Team Dynamics

Our teams are fluent in Agile approaches and bring our culture of commitment and innovation to ensure that work gets done on time.

Nimble Project Mindset

We know that our clients expect us to work in an Agile method while sometimes integrating with their existing waterfall processes. This stems from the fact that we view Agile as a mindset, not its different activities.

We Develop Digital Strategies, Products And Services.

TechRostrum offers solutions for strategy and technology in digital marketing and business development. This competence maximizes one’s local and online presence in the future digital world.

With More than 30 years of collective experience in Software as a Service (Saas), Digital Marketing and Sofware Development, TechRostrum has all the tools to transform your big ideas into reality with the most efficient strategies. May it be web, mobile, software development or systems integration, we got you all covered.

Why Do People Choose Us?

Our Development processes involves the client in every step of the way, ensuring transparency and quality of work with our clients.

Ensure smooth conductivity of your business with minimal effort by automizing your plans, based on your specific needs, in the most efficient way possible. Here’s what TechhRostrum as a software development company can offer you.

Custom Software Development

Looking for an effective software to help you improve your business processes while minimizing the amount of time you need to do so? Partner with TechRostrum in creating a custom-fit software for you.

Web Application Development

Connect with your clients anytime, anywhere by showcasing your products and services online.

App Maintenance and Support

Let us carry your application to the top with TechRostrum’s Application Support and Maintenance service. From inquiries to troubleshooting and bug-fixing, there’s nothing our team cannot do to ensure your application runs smoothly.

Mobile Application Development

Bring your business to the place where customers spend their time -- online. Here's what TechRostrum can do for you with our Mobile Application Development.

System Integration

Bring together your various IT subsystems to one with TechRostrum's Systems Integration

Cloud Migration

Are you wondering how you can take your business forward and up? Talk to our team of experts and jumpstart your cloud transformation today!

What Our Customers Are Saying

“We have successfully released a major version of our main software product during a critical period for us. We have done this with a qualified improvement in the extent and depth of testing, whilst being subjected to an abnormally high workload.”​
Franck Baron
Program Head - AXA Group Solutions
“They are clearly dedicated to maintaining long-lasting and successful relationships with their clients.”
Mickael Vogel​
Director of Strategy - African Energy Chamber
“We have been happy with everything TechRostrum has done.”
Nick Hargreaves
CEO - Cloud Employee

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