Our Services

Ensure smooth conductivity of your business with minimal effort by automizing your plans, based on your specific needs, in the most efficient way possible. Here’s what TechhRostrum as a software development company can offer you.

Custom Software Development

For companies with bespoke work process, that requires custom built solutions to automate or digitize their process, TechRostrum can build one for you company that can best suit your existing infrastructure.

Mobile Application Development

With 75% of online users consuming content and data on their smart phone and more than 50% of online transactions being done on mobile phones, why not give your business the edge and build your application in a platform where most consumers are on.

In TechRostrum, our mobile applications development team can help you reach your target audience regardless if they’re on iOS or Android. You don’t have to choose your market, our mobile division can build your application on Native platform which gives you performance or you can go Hybrid which gives you flexibility.

Web Application Development

Having multiple users across the globe that needs to use one system? Our web application development services can provide your company browser based online applications with our web application development services, just like our software system development that caters to bespoke processes, our web application development team can help build your online platform either from the ground up or build up on you current existing systems.

System Integration

Want to build new features on your existing systems? Or Maybe integrate a newly acquire software from a third party to you legacy systems? Our System Integration Developers will ensure a seamless integration of features and technologies for your business needs.

With TechRostrum’s expertise on successfully managing systems integrations, we will ensure your systems are compact and updated to keep up with the fast-changing digital terrain.

App Maintenance and Support

Let us carry your application to the top with TechRostrum’s Application Support and Maintenance service. From inquiries to troubleshooting and bug-fixing, there’s nothing our team cannot do to ensure your application runs smoothly.

Cloud Migration

Moving your essential business data and applications to the cloud offers several benefits like quicker deployment times and greater flexibility. It helps your business handle increasing traffic and demand and enjoy optimized costs.

Our team of cloud experts can help streamline the migration process, allowing you to focus on what’s more important — running your business. Cloud migration enablers like TechRostrum help accelerate the process while reducing the risks that come with the transition.

Device Agnostic Solutions

TechRostrum applies an approach that considers the variable nature of the web and how people interact with it; it is similar to, and can incorporate aspects of, responsive design and progressive enhancement. Rather than designing your content for a particular device, resolution, browser, or even connection speed, we design for the lowest common denominators and progressively enhance the designs where possible and meaningful.

Providing solutions you need when you need them.

In TechRostrum, we present more than professional digital services, we offer fully integrated solutions for business that meet your objectives and goals.

While quality is always our standard and mission to deliver the best.